Longmai Product Portfolio

With the increasing customer engagement in the digital age, Century Longmai is shaping the future of information security through its continuous product release and security enhancements, helping our customers enjoy the secure information access and transmission across the world.

mToken PKI-based Identity Authentication Management

The mToken brand is used for all Century Longmai digital security token solutions for both public and private organizations – represents strength and protection of identities, data and network infrastructure. Today, business leaders are tasked with protecting their organizations from the effects of catastrophic attacks that cause significant losses in minutes and take months to discover, contain and remediate. mToken products respond to the needs for strong authentication, data loss prevention, compliance to governmental security directives and the growing demand for qualified digital signature while meeting growing end-user mobility demands.

mLock Software Protection

mToken_UKeyToday, pirated software license fee savings is greatly under estimated, Century Longmai mLock series is a leading solution to help address software piracy by providing software publishers with strong copy protection and therefore secure licensing. Based on a unique fully programmable CPU smart circuit technology, mLock products offers an extensive collection of sample code and its ease of integration has made it a product of choice with software developers.  More Info

mOTP Authentication Token

Our OTP token products (mOTP) enables strong authentication by positively identifying user with one-time passwords; ensuring users’ identity security and prevent illegal identity theft. For instance, Longmai mOTP m300 dynamic token is an identity authentication device which produces dynamic passwords by adopting challenge response process.

  • Simple solution for secure remote access with strong authentication.
  • Secure and convenient OTP token, based on smart card chip technology enables any user, whether at home, traveling or mobile, to logon securely.

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mCard Smart Cards

Our mCard product portifolio enables a broad scope of digital applications powered by contact/contactless technology. Century Longmai now offers all the power of a multi-application contactless card and smart card USB PKI token in a single device; developed based on current & expected market trends and consumer requirements. This hybrid mCard CPK supports for two different 2FA technologies: Digital Certificates (smartcard chip-based PKI) and contactless MIFARE — delivering a robust solution in form of a secure smart card USB token and MIFARE card for applications such as:

  • Micropayments
  • Access management
  • Network security, and
  • Automatic fare collection systems in public transport; individual identification and physical access control in corporate, banking and government facilities.

mReader Smart Card Reader

Longmai mReader series include a portfolio of high quality smartcard interfaces and readers. The mReader W100 is a CCID compliant contact read/write smart card reader with USB 2.0 full speed support. It uses native operating system PC/SC drivers to directly transform to operational mode after plug-in. It is a scalable standard based yet cost-effective product solution featuring high security level and stable performance.

meDocs e-Document Management

  1. meDocs-P is Longmai’s self-developed data security product which combined mToken identity authentication technology with e-document security storage and management. meDocs-P is able to guarantee that your secret documents can only be visited by authentication access.
  2. meDocs-M e-document security management system integrates document transparent encryption, dynamic control and document access management, security document storage in terminals, user identity authentication functions into a whole DLP (data leakage prevention) system.

mCOS Card Operating System

mCOS Card Operating system is Longmai’s intellectual proprietary smart card operating system designed based on a combination of advanced smart card technology with public key infrastructure to provide high level security for PKI-based applications. It is a multi-application operating system supporting for custom middleware and other personalization to offer ultimate marketing opportunities and reduce administration costs. Click for more Info about mCOS